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2023 Trail Build Project

What is the fundraiser?

We have gone through the process of getting pre-approved for a $5000 grant from IMBA called Dig-In. This grant is designed to promote regional chapters, with funding being used to promote diversity and inclusion through trail-building opportunities. To receive the funding, we must meet a fundraising condition. FATRAC needs to match the $5000. We have from Jan 1st to Mar 31st to complete this. Upon completing the match, we will have the funding needed to build the new section of trail about 1.8 miles long.

Where are the funds going?

A new section of trail is to be built at Salmon Falls Ranch on Chaparral Ridge. The new section will complete a loop that is currently an out and back.

The funds will be used for tools, professional services, planning, insurance, feeding volunteers, and buying materials to build the trail at Salmon Falls Ranch. Please help us help you make our trails even better! All donations are tax-deductible.


The new section can be viewed at named proposed.

Mountain Ridge

Chaparral Ridge Trail Construction

Salmon Falls Ranch in Pilot Hill, CA, is between two existing trail systems. Trail expansion efforts will enhance and expand the trail opportunities in western El Dorado County. The Chaparral Ridge Trail will connect longer loops in an area previously dominated by "out and back" trails.

Providing loop trail opportunities between important outdoor recreational areas will significantly increase public access, reducing the strain on each area.


Salmon Falls Ranch Project

Partnering with other trail stewardship organizations and non-profit landowners (American River Conservancy[ARC]) Chaparral Ridge Trail construction project is to build on recent work to build over five miles of trails on ARC land to connect the 25 miles of the South Fork American River Trail (SFART) with 37 miles of trails within the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area (FLSRA). The development of this trail and expansion of recreation areas will positively affect the hiking, trail running, and mountain biking communities in El Dorado County.


Be a part of it, donate to your new local trail project.

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