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  • Focused Impact: FATRAC is dedicated to making progress and taking action in key areas: Folsom Lake State Recreation Area (FLSRA), Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA), and American River Conservancy (ARC). Your donations directly contribute to trail improvements in these crucial regions.

  • Trail Access: Your support ensures continued advocacy and maintenance of trails in FLSRA, ASRA, and ARC land benefiting hikers, mountain bikers, runners, and equestrians.

  • Collaboration with State Parks: FATRAC collaborates closely with California State Parks in these areas, working together to enhance recreational opportunities. Your donations fund vital projects, such as the Brown's Ravine Trail in FLSRA.

  • Community Building: FATRAC actively fosters unity within the mountain biking community in these specific regions, striving to improve trail access and inclusivity.

  • Youth Engagement: FATRAC's commitment to introducing kids to biking through events like Take a Kid Mountain Biking directly impacts the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts in FLSRA, ASRA, ARC land.




  • Professionalism: With a professional Managing Director, FATRAC efficiently manages operations, ensuring that your donations are used effectively for the benefit of these key areas.

  • Grant Success: FATRAC's track record of grant success, including partnerships with REI and IMBA, amplifies your donations, enabling more extensive trail projects and enhancements in FLSRA, ASRA, and ARC.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: FATRAC is committed to ensuring equal access to outdoor activities in these specific regions, supporting essential values for the community.

  • Transparent Stewardship: FATRAC responsibly manages funds, transparently allocating contributions to meaningful trail projects and advocacy efforts in FLSRA, ASRA, and ARC land.

  • Local Engagement: By donating, you directly invest in the well-being of these local communities and sustain outdoor recreational opportunities in FLSRA, ASRA, and ARC properties, preserving the natural beauty of these regions for generations to come.

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