• Salmon Falls, Sweetwater, Granite Bay, Foresthill Divide Loop, Hidden Falls, Culvert and Connector Trails...

...these are some of FATRAC’s major contributions to mountain biking in the Sacramento area. Every mountain biker in the area rides these trails, all the time.

We are proud of what we have contributed to the mountain bike community for the last 2 decades.

In 1988, FATRAC was created to work with the California Department of Parks and Recreation in developing and constructing a system of trails within the Folsom Lake and Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA) near Sacramento. FATRAC's purpose was to educate trail users about proper trail stewardship including maintenance and trail building techniques.

FATRAC would also begin to develop relationships with State Parks leadership and other trail user groups in order to be better recognized as a legitimate trail user group. FATRAC strived to become an active participant in the formation of the Folsom and Auburn trail systems and trails policy, including access issues.

Over the years, FATRAC has proven to be a respectful, organized and a well disciplined group, while still having fun in the process.

Trails that FATRAC helps maintain:

  • Granite Bay Trail System
  • Foresthill Divide Loop Trail
  • Connector Trail
  • Culvert Trail
  • Hidden Falls Trail System
  • Darrington Trail (Salmon Falls)
  • South Fork American River Trail
  • Olmstead Loop Trail
  • Hole-in-the-Ground Trail
  • Western States Trail
  • Sly Park Trail (Jenkinson Reservoir)

In 2013, FATRAC became an official chapter of the International Mountain Bicycle Association.

This partnership will reinforce FATRAC's mission and provide a powerful set of tools for accomplishing trail projects in the future. In addition to a greater ability to complete work on our region's trails, the FATRAC/IMBA partnership provides additional benefits for FATRAC members. For more information, see our JOIN page.

See our trail work
FATRAC is created to help develop and construct trails in the ASRA and FLSRA. FATRAC is one of the 5 founding IMBA clubs.
Completion of the Darrington Trail (AKA Salmon Falls). 7.7 miles of handbuilt trail is open the mountain bikes.
FATRAC begins construction on Sweetwater trail, which eventually adds 3.3 miles of singletrack to the Salmon Falls area.
FATRAC supports the opening of the Foresthill Divide Loop Trail (FDLT), some of the most popular singletrack in the area to this day.
FATRAC opens the Connector trail, a section of high quality singletrack that connects FDLT to the Culvert Trail.
FATRAC becomes an official IMBA chapter, enabling the club to provide more benefits to members and expand in it's influence on trail building in the region.
Trails built or asssisted in building
Years building and maintaining trails
est Volunteer hours a year
Hosted IMBA Trail Care Crew

Mountain Bike Trail Courtesy

FATRAC's mission is to be a steward of local trails and advocate for all trail users. As mountain bikers, we must do our part to be safe, respectful, and positive members of the trail-using community in our region.

If you plan to mountain bike in our area (or anywhere), please make sure you're familiar with the basic info on this page. Together we can make our trails a place that everyone can enjoy safely.

While you Ride:

Ride It, Don't Slide It - Skidding damages trails!

  • Listen - If you must listen to music, only use one ear bud.
  • Yield to Climbing Riders - Stop and yield the trail to those doing work!
  • Use A Bike Bell - ring your bell before going around blind turns
  • Be an Ambassador - Surprise others with your friendliness.
  • Take Inventory - Trail not looking so hot? >>> Let FATRAC know!

Sharing with Equestrians:

  • Stop - Yield the trail to horses by stopping. If approaching from behind, announce your presence.
  • Talk - Kindly greet the rider. This also allows the horse to relax and understand that you are a human. Negotiate the pass by talking with the rider.
  • Move - Always take the low side of the trail. Negotiate the pass by talking with the rider.
  • For more information, see this link: http://www.romp.org/about/a-mountain-bikers-guide-to-passing/

Sharing with Hikers & Runners:

  • Slow - Yield the trail by stopping or slowing down. Announce your presence if approaching from behind.
  • Talk - Share a word or two about the beauty of the day! A simple "Howdy" goes a long way too!

IMBA’S 10 Responsible Riding Tips

  • Be Prepared
  • Don’t Ride on Closed Trails
  • Say No to Mud
  • Respect the Trail, Wildlife and Environment
  • Stay on the Trail
  • Ride Slowly on Crowded Trails
  • Pass With Courtesy and Care
  • Share the Trail With Other Trail Users
  • Don’t Do Unauthorized Trail Work
  • Get Involved

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