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El Dorado County Parks and Trails Master Plan

Be a Part of It! - Planning and Development Public Workshops

Join us on the ground floor. Help us advocate for more trails and access along the 50 corridors.

We have the opportunity to make a difference for our MTB community! Let us know if you will attend any workshops and introduce yourself. Looking forward to a great turnout, and please share with others!

We need many mountain bikers at these meetings because there will probably be many equestrians, as seen in previous public meetings.

FATRAC will be advocating for the following:

1.      Continue improving the natural surface (dirt) section of the El Dorado Trail, creating a nearly 30-mile year-round dirt trail connecting Folsom and Placerville.

2.      Provide parking, signage, and restrooms at the El Dorado Trail dirt surface section access points.

3.      Continue the paved section of the El Dorado Trail west to the county line while providing for a parallel but separate dirt trail instead of paving over the dirt trail.  Complete a detailed plan for the SPTC rail corridor showing how to fit both the paved and dirt trails into the corridor with no conflicts.

4.      Rebuild the Brockliss Bridge at Pacific House and extend the El Dorado Trail from Camino to the west end of the Pony Express Trail, creating a trail from Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe, which will eventually extend west to the Bay Area with the completion of the planned Great California Delta Trail.

5.      Build a trail from Greenwood Creek BLM to Marshall Gold Discovery State Historical Park, thus completing a Sutter’s Fort to Sutter’s Mill trail.

6.      Build a trail from the Olmstead Loop in Cool to the north fork-middle fork confluence, providing a bike route much safer than highway 49.

7.   Consider using other linear land configurations for trail corridors, including utility easements, the El Dorado Ditch, etc.8.  Prioritize connectivity of all trails in the region.

Learn more about El Dorado County's Mission Statement:

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