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The FATRAC Bell Program
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In 2018, Folsom Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition (FATRAC) initiated a bell program in the Folsom Lake and Auburn State Recreation Areas to reduce conflicts and proactively facilitate better inter-user trail use.


Many of the trails in the State Recreation Areas are multi-use trails that are very popular with equestrians, hikers and cyclists alike. As our trails become more popular, FATRAC wants to address the growing potential for trail conflict by doing our part to improve trail etiquette and make all users feel as safe as possible. One way we hope to accomplish this is by providing bells for all trail users. Wearing a bell, whether you are riding a bike, a horse, walking or running will make it easier to let users know where you are and avoid surprise encounters.

The way it works… 

  1. grab a bell from one of the several strategically located bell boxes; 

  2. strap the bell to your handle bars, saddle, pack or belt loop; 

  3. let it ring!; 

  4. return the bell to any FATRAC Bell Box OR donate $5 at, keep the bell and FATRAC will buy more!

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