Mountain Bike Trail Courtesy

FATRAC's mission is to be a steward of local trails and advocate for all trail users. As mountain bikers, we must do our part to be safe, respectful, and positive members of the trail-using community in our region.

If you plan to mountain bike in our area (or anywhere), please make sure you're familiar with the basic info on this page. Together we can make our trails a place that everyone can enjoy safely.

While you Ride:

Ride It, Don't Slide It - Skidding damages trails!

  • Listen - If you must listen to music, only use one ear bud.
  • Yield to Climbing Riders - Stop and yield the trail to those doing work!
  • Use A Bike Bell - ring your bell before going around blind turns
  • Be an Ambassador - Surprise others with your friendliness.
  • Take Inventory - Trail not looking so hot? >>> Let FATRAC know!

Sharing with Equestrians:

  • Stop - Yield the trail to horses by stopping. If approaching from behind, announce your presence.
  • Talk - Kindly greet the rider. This also allows the horse to relax and understand that you are a human. Negotiate the pass by talking with the rider.
  • Move - Always take the low side of the trail. Negotiate the pass by talking with the rider.
  • For more information, see this link:

Sharing with Hikers & Runners:

  • Slow - Yield the trail by stopping or slowing down. Announce your presence if approaching from behind.
  • Talk - Share a word or two about the beauty of the day! A simple "Howdy" goes a long way too!

IMBA’S 10 Responsible Riding Tips

  • Be Prepared
  • Don’t Ride on Closed Trails
  • Say No to Mud
  • Respect the Trail, Wildlife and Environment
  • Stay on the Trail
  • Ride Slowly on Crowded Trails
  • Pass With Courtesy and Care
  • Share the Trail With Other Trail Users
  • Don’t Do Unauthorized Trail Work
  • Get Involved

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