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Comments to Promote Mountain Biking at State Parks

Please take 1 to 4 minutes to submit comments to the CA State Parks Transformation Team about things you'd like to see happen for the benefit of mountain biking.

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Below is a sample letter...please PERSONALIZE it as you see fit but PLEASE SEND YOUR COMMENTS. Mountain biker voices need to be heard during this critical juncture of park planning!


Dear Transformation Team:

I am a frequent visitor to California State Parks, and I spend a lot of time riding my mountain bike on trails in ASRA, FLSRA and several other CA State Parks. Every year, the trails get worse and less safe due to lack of maintenance coupled with an explosion in the number of people biking, hiking, running and even horseback riding on them. In the Gold Fields District there have been no new trails added in more than a decade, no increased access for mountain biking in particular, and getting State Park approvals for keeping the existing trails safe and sustainable takes an incredibly long time, if it even happens. The same can also be said for General Plans and Road and Trail Management Plans in nearly every part of the State Parks system. Nothing much seems to get accomplished in our beloved State Parks when it comes to planning and maintaining trails for recreation.

As a FATRAC member (a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association), I am one of many enthusiastic and skilled volunteers who are willing to help take care of the trails we have, if only we could get timely and regular permission from State Parks. 
As mountain biking continues to grow locally, especially with the hugely popular youth mountain biking programs, it is painfully obvious that additional trails -- which have been discussed by State Parks for years -- need to be given the green light to open up or break ground. Instead, we are constantly met with bureaucratic hurdle after bureaucratic hurdle... or no response at all. We are regularly prohibited from even trimming back poison oak on existing trail corridors due to bird nesting seasons. A balance needs to be reached!

I ask the Transformation Team to really look at streamlining processes which help keep our State Park trails safe and enjoyable for all users, and start prioritizing RECREATION on OUR public lands as was originally intended.
Thank you,

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See our trail work
FATRAC is created to help develop and construct trails in the ASRA and FLSRA. FATRAC is one of the 5 founding IMBA clubs.
Completion of the Darrington Trail (AKA Salmon Falls). 7.7 miles of handbuilt trail is open the mountain bikes.
FATRAC begins construction on Sweetwater trail, which eventually adds 3.3 miles of singletrack to the Salmon Falls area.
FATRAC supports the opening of the Foresthill Divide Loop Trail (FDLT), some of the most popular singletrack in the area to this day.
FATRAC opens the Connector trail, a section of high quality singletrack that connects FDLT to the Culvert Trail.
FATRAC becomes an official IMBA chapter, enabling the club to provide more benefits to members and expand in it's influence on trail building in the region.
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