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More trails. Great trails. More rides. More friends. More great experiences.

Be part of the mountain bike movement that builds and protects great mountain biking experiences.

With the full support of IMBA, FATRAC will continue its long tradition of building and maintaining trails like Darrington (aka Salmon Falls), Sweetwater, Granite Bay, Foresthill Divide Loop, Culvert and Connector Trails in the Auburn and Folsom Lake State Recreation Areas.

You may have ridden and possibly helped maintain and improve these popular trails. Unfortunately, these trails are so popular that they are becoming overcrowded.   Recognizing this problem, FATRAC developed a strong partnership with Placer County Parks and, with support and grants from REI, the club helped construct 28 new miles of trails at Hidden Falls Regional Park in North Auburn. 

FATRAC, as a new IMBA Chapter, won't rest on its laurels.  The club is already working with energetic trail-advocates, local bike shops and land managers, like the Placer Land Trust, to create more singletrack beyond Hidden Falls, construct a bike park in Auburn, and establish an adopt-a-trail program to help maintain local trails.  The future of our region's mountain biking looks brighter than ever, and FATRAC, with the support of IMBA, will be there every step of the way.

FATRAC IMBA is an 80,000-strong network of individuals, organizations and companies that share your commitment. Thank you for your support.

Member benefits including:

  • IMBA Membership Kit with IMBA's Dirty Movie DVD, stickers and membership card
  • Subaru VIP Discount; Get $1,300 - $3,300 off MSRP on a new or leased Subaru
  • Subscription to a magazine of your choice — choose Bicycling (a $10 value), Dirt Rag digital edition, Mountain Flyer, Switchback digital edition or Velo digital edition
  • Discounts on bike gear and outdoor equipment, IMBA events, trips and insurance
  • 4 issues per year of IMBA Trail News and monthly eNews
  • Tax deductible membership
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With the support we’ve received from our members over the past few years, FATRAC has been able to:

  • Build new trails, like Connector, Hidden Falls, and the new South Fork connector between Salmon Falls and Cronin Ranch.
  • Maintain, repair, and reroute damaged trails like the Forest Hill Divide Loop, Salmon Falls, Hole in the Ground and Granite Bay.
  • Organize special events like “Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day”, the “Cool Mtb Race”, and the “Spring Fling.”
  • Provide free food and drinks at the monthly “Try the Divide” ride.
  • Bring IMBA’s trail building crew to the area to train volunteers.
  • Facilitate relationships with State Parks and other land managers to keep them informed of mtb’rs needs and protect their interests.
  • Send FATRAC members to Washington D.C. to join with IMBA at the National Bike Summit, asking Congress for trail funding.
  • Encourage and educate young people about the benefits of mountain biking.

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