FUNdraiser for Auburn and Folsom Trail Repair

Check out the work we accomplished with your donations!!

On March 14th, FATRAC and the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship got to work making the Culvert Trail run better than ever. Check out some pictures of what we got done, and get out and ride it soon!

The Need

Auburn and Folsom trails need some love. After years of neglect our trails have some serious erosion issues that need to be addressed. We finally have the permission to work on fixes, but it is going to take funding.

The Solution

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS) has teamed up with FATRAC to raise funds for the work. Volunteers provide the muscle, but we still need equipment and supplies to get the job done.  As you know the Auburn and Folsom trails host thousands of riders a year. And for a reason, they are great trails! Give just $5 bucks (it’s like buying your trail a beer) or better yet - give $5 for each of your favorite local trails, and enjoy the trails for years to come.

Cycling Development Donates $1,000 to FATRAC's Trail Repair Fundraising Campaign!

Victory Velo Bike Shop in Auburn will commit $1,000 in matching donations for the next $1,000 raised. This means that for every $5 someone donates, Victory Velo will match that $5, making it a $10 donation.
So take advantage of this amazing offer by Victory Velo and double that donation!

Donate Here on the SBTS website

The Reward

A limited edition townie that only New Belgium employees received and for special occasions like this one. Each $5 donated gets an entry. The more $5 Lincolns you donate, the better the chance of earning this sweet ride. Get it!

But real reason to give, is to invest in our great trails and make them great for you, great for your friends, and great for everyone. These trails are the gems of the region, and great place to get away and recharge as well as enjoy some peace. Let's take care of them.

The Limited Edition Cruiser

Check out the New Belgium custom details on this cruiser with mountain bike and clunker styling! Donate to get this thing!


Here are a few of the areas we are going to impove.

You know all of these spots! And you know they need to be fixed.

1. Crazy deep rut... next to a barbed wire fence!

2. Crazy deep rut, only to get worse over time due to erosion.

3. Umm... yeah...

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